Discover Griffintown

Discover Griffintown

Griffintown is one of Montreal’s hottest neighborhood. Located in the heart of Downtown, Montreal, this hip district is rich with style and some of Montreal’s best attractions. It got its start as an industrial neighborhood, housing many steamboat factories in the 1800s, along the Lachine Canal. Today, it has blossomed into an urban oasis of those who love everything that city life has to offer.

This eclectic neighborhood is preferred amongst many in Montreal because of its convenient access to freeways, but it also offers beautiful scenery for those who love to travel by bike or by foot. What makes Griffintown so special is that it caters to environmentalists and city lovers alike. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking along the Lachine Canal, where they will be privy to some of Montreal’s most gorgeous landscapes. On the other hand, those seeking a city escape will appreciate the many shopping options available.

This vibrant neighborhood truly offers something for everyone. Indulge in swanky restaurants and trendy cafes, experience a little culture at one of the many galleries, or do some afternoon shopping. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be hit with a taste of the past at every turn. Griffintown is truly a mix of old world charm, blended with the new. With renovations taking place, Griffintown continues to thrive. Now is the time to experience the magic of Griffintown.

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