Cryotherapy for sports recovery on the rise

Cryotherapy for sports recovery on the rise

More and more, we are seeing proof that Cryotherapy delivers effective results making it a popular treatment amongst athletes and non athletes alike. In a recently published article in the Toronto Star, sports columnist Dave Feschuk interviewed the players from the Toronto Maple Leafs to get their reaction on this innovative treatment.

“You’re at the point in the season now where every day you wake up and you’re a little tired,” Matt Martin, the veteran forward, said the other day. “You’re just trying to find ways to feel better, find ways to get energy, find ways to finish strong.”

The introduction of Cryotherapy into the recovery regimen of professional athletes, and in particular for hockey players, is crucial to quickly recover from their intensive training and travel routines, as well as on ice injuries which often occur from body checks and hard falls on the ice. A single session can activate the natural healing mechanisms in the body while giving them a boost of energy during the point in the season when the energy might be dipping.

As the first in Montreal to introduce a Cryotherapy chamber, Spa Cloud has helped ease the muscle strain and physical injuries of numerous athletes who have come to us for this specific treatment. Nestled within a spa setting, Spa Cloud also offers the calming and soothing environment away from the locker room, which helps reduce stress levels instantly. But in addition, we also offer a combination of treatments which can improve their recovery and rejuvenation even further by combining their cryotherapy session with a therapeutic massage and/or a float therapy, both of which have tremendous benefits for the body and for the mind of any athlete.

It’s no wonder that Cryotherapy has peaked the interest of celebrities and athletes who are looking for the best treatment to improve their performance and appearance. With a city blessed with so many sports teams including the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Impacts and the Montreal Alouettes, Spa Cloud is definitely the go to for any organization who wants to offer the best in recovery treatments for their athletes.

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