DECLÉOR – A new sensory experience at Spa Cloud

DECLÉOR – A new sensory experience at Spa Cloud

When DECLÉOR was founded over 40 years ago in France, the idea was to combine the science of aromatherapy with the world of cosmetics. Founder Solange Dessimoulie created a nature inspired collection infused with essential oils from precious plants to cleanse and purify the skin all the while exciting your senses through their distinct aromas.

By awakening your olfactory senses through the scents mixed in their products,  DECLÉOR dubbed their unique approach to beauty “Aromessense” and thus, creating its own kind of beauty magic.

Sharing the same nature inspired philosophy as DECLÉOR, Spa Cloud was honored to host the media launch for DECLÉOR Canada which brought the likes of local journalists, influencers and even the founder Solange herself into our event space.

A morning yoga class kicked off the event and introduced some of the products any busy city dweller would need for a quick refresher after a work out. A warm and thoughtful speech from Solange followed as everyone listened gleefully at the sage advice from a long standing beauty and life expert. Her words resonated with many in attendance as an emphasis was put on the dedication to self care rituals when applying their serums, something most individuals forgo for lack of time or interest. But Solange reminded each of us that there is reason and importance behind this small gesture.

This same type of dedicated focus on well being and self care is what she has put into her entire brand. From the rituals to the high grade botanical ingredients, every detail works to enrich the skin, body and mind.

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DECLÉOR is now available at Spa Cloud and our trained and dedicated aestheticians will happily share the rituals that make DECLÉOR the essential beauty prescription  – call 514 773 2568 to book your Aromessence experience today.