Sugaring, why you need it, why you’ll love it!

In the world of hair removal, Sugaring is the best and most natural way of banishing unwanted hair – and will keep it gone for longer.
This is an ancient technique that has been used in the Middle East for centuries, it’s comprised of a gummy mix of lemon, sugar and water that is molded onto your skin and quickly flicked off, removing the hair from its follicle, including all the dead skin cells. It has become increasingly popular in North America – Try it today!

The Girls

The Girls

Brazilian (45 MINUTES)
New clients or longer than 3 months between visits
$60 Brazilian (45 MINUTES)
Repeat clients
Bikini Plus (40 MINUTES)$45Bikini (30 MINUTES)$30
Underarm (20 MINUTES)$20Lower Arm (30 MINUTES)$35
Full Arm (35 MINUTES)$45Lower Back (20 MINUTES)$20
Full Back (40 MINUTES)$40Stomach (20 MINUTES)$20
Fingers (10 MINUTES)$10Toes (10 MINUTES)$10
Cheeks (15 MINUTES)$20Nipples (10 MINUTES)$20
Just the Brows, Lip, Sideburns, Chin (15 MINUTES)$15Face – Any Two Areas (15 MINUTES)$27
Face – Any Three Areas (25 MINUTES)$40The Whole Face (30 MINUTES)$50
Lower Leg (30 MINUTES)$45Upper Leg (30 MINUTES)$50
Nostrils (15 MINUTES)$20Buttock (30 MINUTES)$30

The Guys

The Guys

Full Back (60 MINUTES)$70Upper Back (45 MINUTES)$40
Lower Back (45 MINUTES)$40Full Back & Chest (100 MINUTES)$120
Full Chest (60 MINUTES)$70Upper Chest (45 MINUTES)$40
Shoulders (30 MINUTES)$20Underarms (30 MINUTES)$25
Lower Arm (30 MINUTES)$40Full Arm (40 MINUTES)$50
Fingers (15 MINUTES)$15Brows (15 MINUTES)$20
Nostrils (15 MINUTES)$25Ears (15 MINUTES)$20
Upper Legs (50 MINUTES)$60Low Legs (45 MINUTES)$50
Toes (15 MINUTES)$15

How Does Sugaring Work?

Sugar Paste is always body temperature-applied with a gloved hand and moulded onto the skin. The Sugar paste is applied against the growth of the hair and with the flicking motion, the hair is gently removed in the natural direction of the hair growth. Sugar paste removes only hair and dead skin cells with minimal discomfort and leaves the skin beautifully soft. For most areas of the body, it is best to have 14 days growth for the best result.

Benefits of Sugaring

  • Body Sugaring is 100% natural
  • Sugar does not support the growth of bacteria
  • Sugar is water soluble
  • Very minimal irritation to the skin
  • Sugar is at body temperature
  • Sugar is removed with the natural growth of hair
  • Sugar paste only adheres to hair and dead skin
  • Sugar is safe on all skin types including psoriasis
  • Post Sugar skin feels soft and comfortable
  • Sugar has a long shelf life no sticks strips or solvents needed


  • Waxing contains chemical resins
  • Wax breeds bacteria in warmers
  • Wax is very difficult to cleanup and remove
  • Wax can be very painful
  • Wax is hot and can burn the skin
  • Wax causes damage to the hair follicle resulting in breakage, trauma, ingrown hairs
  • Wax removes a layer of skin and can be very painful
  • Waxing is not
  • Wax leaves skin raw and irritated

Before Body Sugaring

  • Prior to sugaring, no body creams, lotions or deodorant should be applied to the skin as this can hinder the sugar from adhering to the hair
  • Broken, sunburnt, damaged skin should be avoided
  • You may choose to plan your service when you are not on your cycle to avoid sensitivity

After Body Sugaring

  • No vigorous workouts, as over-perspiration can harbour bacteria in the open follicle
  • Slight redness can appear post-treatment but dissipates
  • Avoid sun tanning post treatment