First Time Massage

Enjoy your first massage at Spa Cloud for a promotional price of $67 (regular price $89) for 60 minutes or $97 (regular price $115) for 90 minutes.
This promotional rate is applicable for new clients on either Swedish or Therapeutic massages.
For Deep Tissue or Sports massage, there is an extra $10 ($15 for 90 minutes) surcharge.

* Please be advised, this promotion cannot be paid with WaySpa giftcard.

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Good Start to the Week Cryotherapy

New week, fresh start!
Every Monday & Tuesday, between 10AM – 5PM, we offer Cryotherapy session for only $40.

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Good Start to the Week Massage

New week, fresh start!
Every Monday and Tuesday from 10AM till 5PM.
Take the time to recharge and center yourself with a relaxing massage. You will leave here feeling revitalized, recharged and ready for your week ahead.
For Deep Tissue or Sports massage, there is an extra $10 ($15 for 90 minutes) surcharge.

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Late Night Cryotherapy

Try out Cryotherapy for only $40 on Fridays & Saturdays between 7PM – 9PM.

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Lucia Promo

First Time Lucia N°03

Get $20 off your first Lucia N°03 session.

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Facial Promo

Facials Promotion

Get $20 off your Facials between Monday – Thursday.
Please call us to get this promotion.

Eyelash Promo

First Time Eyelash Extension

Get $20 off your first Eyelash Extension.

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First Time Cryotherapy

Get $20 off your first Cryotherapy session.

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En raison d’événements imprévisibles concernant COVID-19, Spa Cloud est fermé et n’accepte plus de nouvelles réservations pour le moment. Les réservations en cours seront reportés ou remboursées.
Merci pour votre compréhension.

Due to unforeseeable events regarding COVID-19, Spa Cloud is closed and does not accept new bookings at the moment. Current bookings will be rescheduled or refunded.
Thank you for understanding.