What is the Cryosauna Process? (Cryotherapy)

The Cryosauna is a free-standing chamber that is chilled -110 degrees Celsius, using liquid nitrogen. While stepping inside, you will feel the dry blast of cold and be exposed for 3 minutes, which will immediately stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.Exposure to this sudden cold stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms, much like the ice baths used by pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA, and NHL. In addition to the healing process, the Cryosauna also helps with preventing injury, increasing flexibility and improving age-related skin conditions.Cryosauna is dry, safe and provides a quick boost to your body’s natural capabilities! Read more below…



Beauty and Anti-Aging

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Boosting your metabolism to stimulate weight loss (you can burn 500-800 calories per treatment)
  • Psoriasis, blemishes and acne
  • Collagen production resulting in a more even skin tone

Health and Wellness

  • Relief of pain from joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia.
  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation.
  • Improved post-surgery healing and recovery time.
  • Relief from depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and the effects of stress.
  • Reduced frequency and severity of colds, flu, and osteoporosis.

Sports and Fitness

  • Faster, more efficient recovery from strain or injuries from sports and training
  • Relief of inflammation, swelling and pain
  • Releases Endorphins
  • Increased energy

What to Expect

Spa Cloud technicians are skillfully trained in the use of our Cryosauna and will guide you every step of the way! Special garments are provided to protect the hands, feet, and intimate regions of the body, as they are highly sensitive. The treatment typically lasts between one to three minutes, and you feel the dramatic reduction in temperature similar to the sensation of your freezer at home. To help sustain the benefits of this treatment, your Spa Cloud technician will encourage you to do a short burst of cardiovascular exercise for approximately ten minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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